2-D Laser Cuting

Maximum capacity: Thickness Carbon Steel - 19mm Aluminum - 12,5mm Stainless Steel - 16mm Copper and Brass - 8mm Width: 2000mm Length: 4000mm

3-D Laser Cuting

Maximum capacity: Thickness Carbon Steel - 12,5mm Aluminum - 6mm Stainless Steel - 6mm Width: 1500mm Length: 3000mm Height: 500 mm

Punching Machine

Carbon Steel - 3 mm Aluminum - 4 mm Stainless Steel - 2mm Copper and Brass - 4 mm Width: 1250mm Length: 2500mm


We own a welding robot MIG and TIG that allows us to attend high demands with high quality. We also own various machines TIG / MIG to weld on pieces of Carbon, Aluminum and Stainless steel, with a group professionals that are qualified in accordance with the norms ASTM.


Completing the processes, COMP now has Electrostatic Powder painting with technical characteristics and precise controls for a paint suitable to the standards of the COMP customers, thus delivering the item ready for assembly in productive line.

Laser Welding

COMP with years of experience, operating in several segments, achieved technical welds, without addition of material, with excellent penetration and reliability as our differential


CNC bending machines in various dimensions and forces, where we perform precision folds in the most varied shapes required by our customers. Maximum Capacity: 4000 mm length and thickness of 12.5 mm

Laser Hardening

One more differential of COMP, perform tempering on positive spokes of tooling of stamping and modeling. The fast process imparts uniform hardness throughout the tool. Always accompanied by technical report and speed in execution.

Laser Cladding

COMP innovated in this area, performing metallic laser deposition on tools, shafts and parts, with technical and specific deposition materials for this activity, which in addition to recovery provide greater strength and hardness than the original.