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The COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA website uses cookies, and it is up to the visitor and customer to configure the your internet browser if you want to block them or make changes to the antivirus program tools, however, some functionality on the site may be limited


Cookies: are digital files containing small pieces of data (and usually with a unique identifier), which are saved and stored on the user's device from a digital platform. They can be classified as Temporary Cookies (being automatically deleted when the browser or application is terminated) or Persistent Cookies (which remain stored on the device until a defined expiration date), as well as such as Original Cookies (set by the person responsible for operating the website) or Third Party Cookies (set by applications under the responsibility of third parties). Cookies do not identify the individual user, but only the device used. Cookies are not used to collect personal information.


COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA uses cookies for various purposes on its website. Some cookies are absolutely necessary to browse the Website, use its services and perform its functions. Others Cookies are not essential and may be used for analytical-statistical or marketing purposes.

Through cookies, the website stores information about browser activities, including IP address and the page accessed. These activity records (logs) will only be used for statistical and service metrics purposes. made available or for the investigation of fraud or undue changes in their systems and records, not having the purpose of providing data to third parties without the express authorization of the User.

These records may comprise data such as the User's IP address, the actions carried out on the website, the pages accessed, the dates and times of each action and access to each page of the website, information about the device used, operating system version, browser, among other installed applications.

Cookies can be divided according to the information they store and their purpose, namely:

  • a) Necessary cookies: These are essential for the COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA website to load correctly and allow you to browse correctly, as well as make use of all available functionality.
  • b) Performance Cookies: They help to understand how visitors interact with the COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA, providing information about the areas visited, the time of visit to the site and any problems
  • encountered, such as error messages.
  • c) Functional Cookies: They allow the page to remember your choices, to provide a better experience. personalized. Enable Users to watch videos, use social tools, comment fields, forums and others.
  • d) Third-party cookies: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, AddThis, Google Maps and other tools managed by third parties may install cookies for the purpose of sharing content on social networks or producing statistics on Query.

COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA is not responsible for third-party cookies.


By accessing the website of COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA, you authorize the use of cookies in accordance with the present Policy. The user has, at any time, the possibility of configuring his device to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is issued or not to receive any cookies.

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COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA will not, under any circumstances, including negligence, be liable for any type of damage that results from accessing or using services on our Website, or that are otherwise within its scope. Likewise, COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA is not responsible for the actions of third parties, third party web sites, links provided on our website and business parts.


COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA reserves the right at any time to proceed with update to this Cookies Policy. In order to always be aware of the applicable rules regarding the use of cookies, see our website.


For any questions about the Cookies Policy on our web site, you may contact us at through any channel available on our web site or by E-mail

We advise users to read our Privacy Policy which is part of and complements this Privacy Policy Cookies, which can be found on our website or you can access them directly here:


This cookie policy was last updated on February 7, 2022.

General Data Protection Law

What is the General Data Protection Law?

The General Data Protection Law - Law 13.709/2018 (LGPD), came into force in 2020 and came to regulate the activities of collection and processing of personal data carried out by the companies. This law establishes that each person is holder of your personal data and that any operation that uses this information must be framed in an legal basis.

What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that can directly or indirectly identify you, such as registration data, preferences, usage data for services linked to you and electronic identifiers. What personal data is collected by Comp.?

  • Registration Data (name, address, telephone, RG, CPF, date of birth, among others);
  • Location Data;
  • Accessed Device Data (mobile, computer);
  • Cookies;
Is there data sharing with third parties?

All information requested on this website by you will be treated as confidential and may be used exclusively by COMPI, partners, respecting the applicable legal provisions, with the main objective of best adapt our products and services to the profile of its users. COMP also shares your personal data with authorities in judicial or administrative proceedings, in complying with a legal, regulatory, court order, or safeguarding rights. COMP asks all its suppliers to internalize our Privacy Policy in their own policies, as well as the adoption of information security processes and measures, however, cannot guarantee that be effectively implemented the guidelines.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We keep your personal data only for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose of our collection, observing also any need to maintain data to meet legal or regulatory obligations to which we are subjects or even to protect the rights of COMP.

Who can access your personal data?

Your personal data can only be accessed by authorized persons, professionals and healthcare establishments accredited within the platform, and only for the following purposes:

  • Proceed with the scheduling of orders;
  • Send you information about services and products;
  • Send you general information;
Contact us;
Even after reading the Policy, you still have questions or even interest in knowing what personal data we collect, request to change, cancel, block, delete, or even anonymize your data, contact us via e-mail direct contact of our Person in Charge (Date Protection Officer) through the contacts below:

In charge: Victor


Phone: +55 (041) 2169-2444.



The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to demonstrate the commitment of COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METALS LTDA in protecting its customers' information, respecting their rights, privacy and protection of their Dice. This policy establishes the rules for the collection, use and storage of data and information from individuals what access the COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA website and forward personal data to the official means of the COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA. The personal data and information of users are treated as confidential, and will only be used for the purposes described herein and authorized by the legislation in force. COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA understands that the acceptance of this Privacy Policy reserves the right in change the present without prior notice, therefore, it is recommended that you consult the policy regularly in order to be always updated.


For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following definitions apply: Clients: Anyone who fills in their personal data in the official media of COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA, which are: on the website, telephone, email, whatsapp or commercial agreements; Cookies: Files sent by the Site's server to the visitor's computer or smartphone, for the purpose of identify the computer and smartphone and obtain access data, such as pages browsed or links clicked, allowing, in this way, customize the internet user's navigation on the site, according to his/her profile; Visitor: Anyone who browses the site Website: designates the electronic address


In order to ensure information security, COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA carries out its activities under three principles, namely:
  • a) Confidentiality, ensuring that information will only be accessible to authorized persons;
  • b) Integrity, ensuring that the information, whether stored or in transit, will not undergo any modification without authorized, whether intentionally or not;
  • c) Availability, ensuring that the information is available whenever it is needed.

The information assets at COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA are all information generated or developed for the business, and can be present in different forms, such as: digital files, equipment, media external, paper documents, systems, mobile devices, databases and conversations. This policy determines that regardless of the form of presentation, sharing or storage, the assets in information should only be used for officially authorized purposes and subject to monitoring and auditing. Establishing that all information assets owned by COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA have a responsible and duly classified according to the criteria established in a specific standard; and adequately protected from any risks and threats that could compromise the business. Furthermore, this policy establishes that COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA has the infrastructure technology in which the data are stored, processed or otherwise processed, adopting measures necessary to prevent logical threats such as viruses, harmful programs or other failures that could cause accesses, unauthorized manipulations or uses of internal and confidential Data, through, among other things: (i) the maintenance of installed and updated antivirus and firewall software; (ii) maintenance of programs for computer installed in the environment;


What do we collect? / What do we collect for?

  • a) Data collected to fulfill user requests, to enrich the experience and promote improvements in products and services: Full Name, CPF, E-mail and Telephone;
  • b) Data collected to meet specific requests (in addition to those requested in the item above): Data bankers, Contract Data (Suppliers and Business Partners); Professional Experience (Candidates for Vacancies).
  • c) Data collected only for contractual obligations (in addition to those requested in the item above): RG, CPF, CNH, addresses and Bank Details.
  • d) Data collected to identify and protect digital visitors, comply with legal obligations and prevent access not authorized on our web site and any other associated risk: IP Address, Device and Version, geolocation, Timestamps of actions, Screens accessed, Session ID and Cookies;
  • e) Data collected to identify and meet the legal obligations of employees and dependents: Name Complete, CPF, E-mail, Telephone, ID, Driver's License, Addresses, Place of Birth, Nationality, Affiliation, Marital Status, Information about Spouses and Dependents, Education, Position, Income, Bank Details, Subscription, PIS, CTPS, Certificate of Reservist, Passport, Emergency Contact, ASO, Union Membership, Health Data, Race, FGTS and Experiences Professionals Previous.


COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA will retain your personal information for a period of 5 (five) years for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. However, you may retain for a period other than the above exposed, using the following criteria:

  • a) The time required to respond to the visitor's or customer's request;
  • b) Need to keep a record as a result of the business relationship;
  • c) Legal obligations;
COMP does not use solely automated data that impacts the Customer for decision purposes. As for the updating and veracity of the data, the customer or visitor is solely responsible for the accuracy, veracity or lack thereof.


Personal data and information collected by COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA from visitors and customers according to prior and express authorization or request, they may be used for the following purposes: a) For services performed directly by COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA, as well as identifying the customer and visitors; b) Respond to any queries and requests from visitors and customers; c) Compliance with a legal or judicial order; d) Constitute, defend or regularly exercise legal or administrative rights; e) Prepare a report to identify the profile of visitors and customers, with the purpose of developing advertising and marketing campaigns of COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA; f) Guarantee the safety of visitors and customers; g) Keep the records up to date for purposes of contact by telephone, electronic mail, SMS, direct mail or other media; h) Inform about news, campaigns and events of COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA, and;


Personal data and information collected by COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA may be shared:

  • a) With competent judicial, administrative or governmental authorities, whenever there is a determination cool, request, requisition or court order;
  • b) Automatically, in the event of corporate transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions and incorporations.
  • c) Third-party partners, for the operation of their services, such as, but not limited to, accounting, the web page hosting, email marketing services, auditing, data analysis. Personal data and information are not shared with furniture manufacturers, home appliances, other developers, consortia, with the exception of those affiliated with the COMP Group – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METALS LTDA.

Personal data and information are not shared with furniture manufacturers, appliance suppliers, other developers, consortia, with the exception of those affiliated with the COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METALS Group LTDA.


If the visitor or customer wishes to exercise any of their rights in relation to their personal information or if have any questions about how COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA uses your personal data and information, among in contact us through the channels below:

  • Email:
  • Phone +55 (041) 2169-2444.

COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA will make all reasonable efforts to meet the requests made by holders in the shortest possible time.


Access: to find out more information about cookies and how to disable them on your browser.


This Policy may be changed at any time without prior notice, according to the purpose or need, as for legal adequacy and compliance of a provision of law or rule that has equivalent legal force, fitting the visitor and customer to check it whenever they access our web site or use our services. Our Privacy Policy is valid for the visitors of our site with respect to the information that share and/or collect on the COMP – INDÚSTRIA E COMERCIO DE METAIS LTDA website and other communication channels.


This Policy will be interpreted in accordance with Brazilian legislation, in the Portuguese language, and the forum of Pinhais/PR to settle any dispute involving this document, except for the specific exception of personal competence, territorial or functional by the applicable legislation.


This privacy policy was last updated on February 7, 2022.


Through this channel, you exercise your right to Data privacy. Just choose your request, fill in the details and identify yourself: You will receive an email, SMS or WhatsApp with the confirmation of the data. The deadline for responding to your request will start from the confirmation above and will be up to 10 (ten) business days. You will receive your answer in the communication channel chosen in the system.

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